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Advertising Your Site

Market to people when they’re searching for what you’re selling.

What Type of Advertising?

SEM::SME are Certified in each of the following forms of advertising.

This means that we can design and build out a comprehensive campaign to advertise to your prospective clients in the most cost-effective way.

Search Advertising

Ads in a Search Network campaign appear on the search engine results page based on the user search term.

Mobile Advertising

Ads in a Mobile campaign are triggered by a users search terms and appear on the search page.

Display Advertising

Display campaigns are great for brand building and early-funnel demand generation.

Video Advertising

Advertising on YouTube can be very effective for interest generation and branding.

Shopping Advertising

A great way to market for anyone with an eCommerce site. You can advertise products with photos & prices.


Advertise to people who have already been to your website but not yet bought.

How we go about it.

We have a process to make sure that we understand your objectives and requirements so that we can develop and build out the most effective campaign for you.

Whether it’s a Search advertising campaign, Brand building, or Remarketing. Your campaigns will be carefully targeted and optimised to provide excellent Return on Investment.

Project Research

Including Target Audience, Keywords used, Competition.

Campaign Development

Ad formats, Budgets, Geographies, Audience.

Launch/Build Out

Launch the campaign/s. Build out new features/functionality.

Measure & Optimise

Measure return vs. spend. Optimise and improve.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us and let us know what your objectives are and your target audience. We’ll be happy to advise and/or provide an obligation free quote.